Beauty Queen Autopsy, Null Device, and Mahr LIVE!

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Beauty Queen Autopsy, Null Device, and Mahr LIVE!

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November 11, 2014
Inferno Nightclub
1718 Commercial Ave, Madison, Wisconsin 53704

$7 at the door. $5 with TESLACON LAMINATE.

Dead Beat Productions presents

BEAUTY QUEEN AUTOPSY (DEBUT PERFORMANCE- San Francisco/Madison, Undustrial/Juggernaut)
NULL DEVICE (Madison, Nilaihah)

Beauty Queen Autopsy is the new dark noisepop collaboration from Madison's Matt Fanale and San Francisco's Erica Mulkey, both widely known for their individual endeavors Caustic and Unwoman. In December 2013 they released their 'Roughest Cuts' EP, with a subsequent single EP for 'Good, Giving, Game' released in July. They've had a multipage interview in the massively popular Gothic Beauty Magazine and been described by To Eleven as "a sort of Joy Division/Jesus and Mary Chain/Q Lazzarus sound, but it doesn’t sound as if Beauty Queen Autopsy are trying to sound like any of them. Rather, it sounds authentic."

Null Device is celebrating 20 years of their eclectic brand of synthpop this year and just released the follow-up EP 'Aphelion' to their critically acclaimed 2013 release 'Perihelion'. Described by Arts Extract as "the kind of band that seems to exist in its own little universe and thrive there, humbly exploring its love of meticulous electronic production and vocal-driven pop songwriting and putting out a really cool release every couple years." Expect big things from Eric Oehler and Jill Sheridan live.

Mahr's dark ambient, experimental drone has been perking up the ears of old school industrial and witch house fans for the last couple years. This will be the owner of the Pale Noir label's first show, and we couldn't be more excited to hear what she does.

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