Dorothy Waste - Haldokló Kék Erdő (2020)

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Dorothy Waste - Haldokló Kék Erdő (2020)

Post by zin »

1. isolation crush~
2. manifesto
3. the swamp queen
4. (((○)))

New EP from Dorothy Waste, I've been stanning her stuff since day one :P Added all her releases to Discogs already, some of them have been deleted from Bandcamp so if anyone's interested I can re-up them ;) :eyes:

"Haldokló kék erdő" is a 4-track mash-up of dark ambient, industrial, spoken word, synth and witch house. Like some of her previous works, it explores the topic of self-identity through captivating storytelling, sprinkled with a dose of witchcraft. It's as gloomy as it is hopeful. It's also less extreme sonically in comparison to her previous projects, and I love it. Fans of Stranger Things soundrack as well as Ben Frost should definitely check this out.

PS. I love the new doodle-like logo

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