VOODOO CRYSTALS - Unreleased II (2021)

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VOODOO CRYSTALS - Unreleased II (2021)

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1. BLOOM_/decay
2. coMa
3. eyestillh8u
4. LLiinnees//in_parking_spaces
5. //\\fterTASTE
6. b_END_ER
7. 404error
8. m i s e r y
9. /\/\eLt
10. _VORTEX_
11. b_end_er [[laced_EDIT]]
12. iCu [[V//C X FUNUS FLOS]]
13. DAMAGED [[BLVCK CAT x V//C_decomp_EDIT]]
14. REJEC+ (V//C X featuring_EEE)
15. utopia [[xXtinc+ion_EDIT]]
16. rooms [[CHURCHTERROR x V//C_decomp_EDIT]]


VOODOO CRYSTALS shared on his Bandcamp a compilation of unreleased, rare and previously Soundcloud-only tracks. Synth punk, witch house, experimental body music, and mutant electro all cross paths and clash with each other throughout the release making the listening experience an unpredictable journey. Due to the nature of such a project some tracks are stronger than others, but I still love the fact that artists share more obscure works in this format.
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