Muelltonne - No Contact (STRFLL 333 REMIX)

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Muelltonne - No Contact (STRFLL 333 REMIX)

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Did a remix for my friend Muelltonne. I was absolutely in love with the original so i made this super uplifting remix. I think it's one of my best tbh. Show some love to the original 2

The 333 Angel aspect is just a sweet coincidence. while rendering, the song length was 3:33 which turns out to be an angel number of growth and progress, which i found to really resonate with me as i've been working on healing these past few months. hope y'all like this and the original <3

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Re: Muelltonne - No Contact (STRFLL 333 REMIX)

Post by zin »

Oh man this is rad, those vocals go so well with your beat
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