Other Upcoming Tour Magdala Projects

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Other Upcoming Tour Magdala Projects

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These are the other projects, the next ones in the pipeline so to speak. All of them are either solo projects, or projects which include me as one of the members.

Ashen Diadem -- To Rise Burning from Death and Blood: blackened industrial death metal/RABM with themes of chthonic paganism, vengeance, and witchery.

R: Experimental electronic solo project of dadaist influence.

Negative R -- R's dark twin,

Cenobite Prom Date -- Destroying Angels : Extreme industrial metal, the sound of nightmares.

Corrosion Engineering -- Aqua Regia A mix of industrial, sludge-doom metal, and witch house. Themes of human failure and revolution.

Dismal Failure -- A mix of funeral doom, DSBM, and witch house. About as cheerful as that sounds.

Updates as they become available.
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