The DSM IV - New Age Paranoia (2023)

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The DSM IV - New Age Paranoia (2023)

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1. Break You In
2. New Age Paranoia
3. White Wolf
4. Scumbag
5. Lions
6. Reclaim the Night
7. Killing Your Time
8. Funland
9. Pennywise
10. Runaway

The DSM IV is a fairly new foursome from Liverpool (Guy McKnight on vox, Jade Ormesher on guitar, Patrick Cummins on console and Gabriel Nwosu-Hope on bass) who have been playing gigs around the UK for a couple of years now paying their dues. I managed to catch them at the Spike Hellis gig in London, and they made a huge impression with some serious stage presence and energy from the frontman Guy.Their last year's debut LP "New Age Paranoia" that saw the light of the day thanks to Nine x Nine records.

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