ɪɲ ʕʰɘɼɾʏ ɟȺɱɨʟʮ - Vibe Boy (2013)

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ɪɲ ʕʰɘɼɾʏ ɟȺɱɨʟʮ - Vibe Boy (2013)

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1. Моя любовь
2. Мне хорошо с тобой
3. Ведьмин дом
4. *** (стихи Du Levande)
5. Я буду продолжать лгать себе
6. Мне кажется я хотел убить себя

https://teapressionwaves.bandcamp.com/a ... 2-vibe-boy

Sister release to "Vibe Girl" from 2013. While the Girl was more leaning towards sinogrime sound, the Boy is more trap/big room bass/heavy synths oriented. It also features vocals, which add another dimension to the tracks (they're not the best though). It's not as good as the other EP, but together they form a nice introductory package to the world on In Cherry Family.
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