G.R. Zombie - P L A Y D E A D (2014)

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G.R. Zombie - P L A Y D E A D (2014)

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3. B L K
4. INITIATION (whenwewerekings)
5. P L A Y D E A D
From Pittsburgh to Brooklyn, the mysterious and honestly scary looking G.R. Zombie has got to be one of the heaviest and darkest producers I've come across. In the early phases of Witch House and Drag, G.R. seemed to have a unique way of taking depressing quotes from movies or wherever and turning them into frightening scores. I e-met him a few years ago through an electronic project that I had at the time and ended up staying current on his music. A few monthes back I hit him up about doing a mixtape for our series and recieved my favorite mix to date. Click here to stream or download that mix.

I'm excited to have a piece of such an awesome discography, available in full via Bandcamp, and to be able to affiliate our mainly rock and roll artists (friends) with people I've come to know through other avenues such as sitting in my room by myself for weeks making beats and browsing Soundcloud. "P L A Y D E A D" is available now in a limited cassette edition in our webstore. If you would like to know more about G.R. Zombie, good luck because he is cutty but there are a few links listed below to purchase merchandise and follow him on select social media platforms. I highly recommend checking out this release, even if it's just a free stream, as I have been bumping it at a loud volume over the course of the last few weeks.

https://brokehater.bandcamp.com/album/g ... -y-d-e-a-d

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