Chord when making Witchouse

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Chord when making Witchouse

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  • What are some of y'all favorite chords to use when making Witchouse music? :skull:
Major or minor? etc etc
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Re: Chord when making Witchouse

Post by tendernessofwolves »

That's usually dependent on the vibe I'm going for. I like to look at songs I really like and see what unusual progressions they use and find a way to utilise some of those tricks. Usually though I'll just bang on a keyboard until it hits my ear right. It's always good to add a suspended or diminished chord for tension and ambiguity.

One thing I always suggest to people starting out is to look at things like autochords and it's suggested progressions and alternatives based on the atmospheres you want to evoke. It's a good way to get an idea of how things work in a quick and interactive way.
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