Suffer Ring - Reverentia (2020)

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Suffer Ring - Reverentia (2020)

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1. Cicada
2. Mask
3. Henker
4. Quarantine
5. Void Walking
6. Kami No Ugoki
7. Ashes
8. Hunter
9. Alicia
10. Lavender And Smoke
11. Break

https://remissionentertainment.bandcamp ... reverentia

Second album from S/R boys, follow up to "Wishing Well". Their first album was quite great but felt like it has some rough edges / ideas, whereas "Reverentia" keeps all the best elements that made the first LP unique, while developing them more, and allowing the whole record to sound more mature, polished and wholesome. "Hunter" is just amazing, maybe because it's so different from the rest.

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