Recreate Nexus LD 4x Supersaw with serum?

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Recreate Nexus LD 4x Supersaw with serum?

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I have used the 808 mafia LD supersaw preset in Nexus in many of my tracks because it has such a dark and bassy vibe. I have experimented with Serum for a long while trying to recreate this sound and have never been able too. Oddly enough square waves seem to sound closer then saw, but when using Wave Candy I can tell the 4x supersaw is clearly a saw. When I use Serum, the high end can sound similar, but the low end is always weak compared to the 4x supersaw preset, even with extra voices, and layered clones etc.

As an example, here is my last track, you can hear the supersaw around :40 seconds. it is edited from the original saw but not by too much. ... IVk_L8V7LA

I mainly want to recreate this type of sound because Nexus does not have as much flexibility as I would like, and I want to create new synth presets with this vibe and experiment for fun. Any Advice or pointers would be appreciated.
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