Cathedral X - Two Track Synopsis (2011)

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Cathedral X - Two Track Synopsis (2011)

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1. Waiting To Feel
2. Sad Farewell

Cathedral X is/was an experimental (mostly live) outfit from Brooklyn NY lead by Amanda Schoepflin, Jessica Jeffery and Paul Remund. Their "Two Track Synopsis" single is a like a psych-tribal trip into noisey melodies and folky experimentation. Early WH vibes.

Here's a short bio of their work:
Featuring former members of Ghost Shores and Tape Deck Mountain, Cathedral X is a visual costume-and-theatrics heavy psych-rock band akin to early Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, by way of PM Dawn.

The group operates as a small self-run collaborative studio of sound and performance projects by sound artist and designer Amanda Schoepflin, visual performance artist Jessica Jeffery, and sound artist Paul Remund (Chairs Missing, Tape Deck Mountain) in downtown’s Art & Design District. Remund formerly ran the Tin Can Ale House bar with Kelsey Breunig.

In late 2011, the band launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their first full-length DVD, Spaces in Solitude. “The campaign is sought to help Cathedral X push its context from a live performance on stage at a venue to a moment in pure intimate geographic solitude,” said Schoepflin.

In Autumn 2012, Thom Yorke mentioned listening to the band on Radiohead's Dead Air Space Blog. A few months later, Paul Remund quit the band to relocate to New York City (behind former Tape Deck bandmate Travis Trevisan) and to build up his Casio keyboard-based solo project Light Vision.
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