out now: xCHUCKxBASSx + distro update + noise show

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out now: xCHUCKxBASSx + distro update + noise show

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OUT NOW: xCHUCKxBASSx “Anyone Else Is Just a Waste of Time” single.
Listen @

NOISE SHOW: Friday, May 24th in Troy, NY:
Sunburned Hand of the Man
Jason “Wolfman” Martin
Tickets are here: https://www.nofuntroy.com/events/sunbur ... man-martin

NEW IN DISTRO @ https://chromepeelerrecords.bandcamp.com/merch

JORDAN DARBY "Days Are Meaningless" cassette
Former member of Dry-Rot and Uranium Orchard goes Robbie Basho meets Pedro The Lion. Offering an advanced acoustic-guitar performance alongside tunefully sung vocals, his playing is dextrous and limber, so even at his most restless the songs are fluid and precise. His vocals are direct, a well-enunciated tenor with lyrics that are nearly hymnal and unabashedly spiritual. For the introverts facing more exalted theological issues, "Days Are Meaningless" fits like a tailored rosary.

JORDAN DARBY - "Through The Intercession" LP
Devotional acoustic guitar songs that reflect what it is like to be alive, songs for a landscape both cruel and kind, everyday and surreal, songs that can be sad and exciting and slightly scary and sometimes weird as hell.

TAU CETI IV - "Wrap the Enemy in Plastic and Swallow Him Whole" cassette
Unaccompanied acoustic guitar music. The music brims with sorrow more than anything else. And while it’s clear Tau Ceti IV is embracing an abstract avant garde aesthetic vis-a-vis his playing, the urge to communicate seems to lie at its roots. Whatever you choose to call it, this is the beginning of something quite beautiful.
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