Holy Other ‎- Altered Zones Mix (2011)

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Holy Other ‎- Altered Zones Mix (2011)

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Welcome to the ninth installment of our world famous Monthly Mix series. The mix Canadian songstress Grimes cooked up for our April edition was so good it got us all the way through the month of May. When it came time to fill her big boots for a retrospective of the month, there was only one person we could trust: Mancunian producer Holy Other. We haven't been able to get Holy Other's tantalisingly dark and beautiful soundscapes out of our heads, nor has the bass stopped pulverising our sternums, since we Zoned In on his EP, With U, last month. We asked him to make us a mix of all the tracks that have made him tick over the last 30 days. Highlights include cuts by Hype Williams member Inga Copeland, previous AZ-mixer Matthewdavid, and even an awesome remix of Holy Other's own "Touch." --Daniel Gottlieb, Altered Zones
Holy Other: Altered Zones Monthly Mix

01 Leyland Kirby: "Ruined Visions"
02 Samaritan: "Do To You"
03 Inga Copeland: "Trample"
04 Jesse Ruins: "Sofija"
05 Matthewdavid: "Cucumber Lime"
06 Beaumont: "Midnight"
07 Deeep: "Dream (DJMGG Sunrise Cassette Mix)"
08 Deadboy: "Wish U Were Here"
09 D/R/U/G/S: "Love/Lust (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)"
10 Holy Other: "Touch (Supreme Cuts Mix)"
11 Jason Burns: "Back 2 You"
12 John Talabot: "Lamento"

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